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Center of Attention Condominium Brochure
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The Objective:
Noble Communications came to Scott Design to design a sales brochure for the condominiums at 55 West.

Marketing Strategy:
Use the sales brochure to create sales of the condominiums.

Creative Execution:
This piece was designed keeping graphic standards that I created with other print collateral I designed for 55 West depicted the look and feel of this concept. When I got the project, I new I wanted to the brochure to be a gate fold. The gate fold allowed me to have more content areas so I could tell the story. On the cover I placed the "Center of Attention" identity, then taking the provided 3D tower rendering I centered it on the panel with the "55W on the Esplanade" identity mark. Then the first part of the story I placed on the brochure's first reveal. The "55W" I used as a background graphic because this part of the story talked mostly about "the esplanade" which I placed the it's identity mark in the center creating a horizontal stripe. This horizontal bar set up another horizontal bar on the inside spread of a series of stock lifestyle photographs of young professionals enjoying "the Esplanade". Once the last reveal was all the way open, I repeated the tower in the center with ghosted boxed containing bullet lists of all amenities of the tower. Then to complete the piece, I placed provided floor plan art with the suite's name and square footage.

One of the print collateral items that helped take sales from 10% to 90% sold in 9 months.

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55 West Center of Attention  Condominiums Brochure

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